Advantages Of Having Your Own MRO


The advantages for companies partaking in pre-employment drug screening, whether they use a 5-panel drug screen or 10-panel drug screen, are never-ending. However, taking the process a step further for drug screening, there are also advantages in a company having its own Medical Review Officer (MRO), and below we will go over four of those advantages for you.

Protection For Employee

Although it is the company that requires the drug screening test, it is important that the employee is also protected during this process. And it is the MRO who makes sure all of the right steps were followed and wether the right drug screen test was used or not (this is where either the 10-panel drug screen or 5-panel drug screen test comes into play).

Protection For Employer

The MRO decides if an employee’s medication is permitted or not (this is important if a test is failed), and an MRO is also the one who relays the information to the employer about a drug test. Consider the MRO a middle man for a pre-employment drug screen, and that is huge since not everyone is a doctor.

Licensed Medical Doctor

Speaking of doctors, an MRO just so happens to be a licensed medical doctor, so they are more than qualified for the job.

Medical Review Officers Are Not Biased

While a company might have their own MRO, that does not mean said MRO is biased. Once again, the MRO is the middle man, in a sense, when it comes to drug testing. The MRO is not on the employer’s side and is also not on the employee’s side.

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