3 Advances In The Drug Screening Process

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Pre-employment drug screening can be a crucial part of the pre-employment process. Therefore, many employers use drug screening before hiring employees, and they will continue to do so.

Through advances in drug screening tests, the process in general has improved for not only employers, but employees as well — and here are three advances to take note of.

Forms Are Extinct

As is the case with most things, paperless is the way to go now when it comes to drug screening. And according to eremedia.com, “You no longer have to wait for a candidate to pick up their form or waste money over-nighting them.”

This simply means time is being saved all around.

The Actual Process Is No Longer As Tedious

Whether an employer is asking for a urine drug screen or a saliva drug screen, the process of pre-employment drug screening in general isn’t as tedious as it used to be. In fact, saliva testing has fast turnaround times, and is rather easy to manage.

According to eremedia.com, “Today, all of the major drug testing labs have developed reliable technology to test urine samples on site.”

That simply means urine samples, in most cases, no longer have to be shipped off to a lab, which of course prolongs the process that is drug screening.

Better Results

Thanks to drug testing technology getting better and better, the results in general are also getting better and better. Before, it wasn’t always clear what drug had been used prior to taking a drug test (assuming it came up positive), just that some sort of drug had been used.

With 5-panel and 10-panel drug screens (among others), a wide variety of drugs are being looked for, and can also be detected.

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