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Drugs are costing the American business community billions of dollars every year. Our drug screening services can help your business significantly decrease these costs while creating a safer workplace.

Why Screen For Drugs?

The misuse of drugs in the work place is well publicized. Drugs are costing the American business community billions of dollars every year. Whether its one employee or ten thousand employees consider the loss of productivity, medical expenses, absenteeism and work-place crime related to drug abuse – all affecting your bottom line. Drug abuse is not isolated to a few “types” of employees or even a certain type of company. They are as prevalent on Main Street as they are on Wall Street. Interestingly enough, most companies are not aware that they are not even testing for the second most abused substance in the United States.


Nearly 7% of adults employed full-time currently use illegal drugs


More than 70% of substance abusers hold some type of job


You need a guarantee that your DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Program follows all of the DOT’s complex regulations. With Chemetric, you can be sure that you will have everything that you need to be compliant. We have been preparing our clients to DOT audit success which results in years of productivity and safety.

Customer Support

A successful DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Program isn’t one that simply ‘checks the right boxes’. You need a provider that goes the extra-mile and understands the world that motor carriers like you operate in. Chemetric is committed to providing the highest level of customer service.


Many motor carriers only consider the cost of Random testing. But a DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Program should be affordable at all times. With a Chemetric DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Program, you always know what you will pay, even in unusual situations. The last thing you need in a testing emergency is the surprise of an inflated bill.

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We offer our clients access to more than 9,000 collection sites nationwide.


Drug Screening For Your Business

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