5 Reasons Why Saliva Is Better Than Urine

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Pre-employment drug screening can come in multiple forms, such as saliva drug testing and urine drug testing. Each method comes with pros and cons. For the purposes of this article, we will tackle five reasons why saliva is better than urine when it comes to the pre-employment drug screen process.

Faster Detection Of Drug Use

While a urine drug screen is still a method that is commonly used for drug screen tests, it is saliva testing that can detect drug use in the first few hours. We will get to the importance of this down the line.

Faster Turnaround Times

The benefits of faster turnaround times is pretty self-explanatory (faster turnaround times means the test can be distributed faster). When it comes to drug screening, it is also a valuable reason for an employer to choose this type of test over urine testing.

Urine Testing Is Easier To Cheat

The entire purpose of a drug screening test is to find out if employees are taking drugs, whether that be on the job or during their own time. As a result of privacy being a key component when collecting urine samples, employees have the opportunity of cheating the test. Saliva testing can be done out in the open, while being supervised, so any forms of tampering should be eliminated altogether with this process.

Better Testing Of Current Intoxication

This is crucial because the employer can get a better sense of the employee’s current state, and this is also big if some sort of accident occurred on the job. This is where the faster detection of drug use really comes in handy.

This is important if an employer is wanting to know the current impairment of a given employee.

Easier To Manage

As a result of saliva testing, in a sense, being a one-stop shop, further scheduling (or anything else that could possibly hold up the process of collecting the data) is not an issue.

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