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Comprehensive Drug Screening

When you set up a drug testing account with Chemetric Laboratories we will provide the following services.

Drug Testing Software

State of the art software for processing drug tests. Including e-chain paperless drug tests, web based reporting and electronic data management.

Immediate Testing

Get a Drug Test Now – Today Starting at $35. All types of testing available including DNA Paternity, alcohol, urine, hair, oral fluid and more.

Drug Free Workplace

Many States have laws and programs regulating employee drug testing. Call for expert advice and information on workers comp discounts up to 7.5%.

MRO Services

Drug test result reporting by MRO services are state of the art. Web based reporting certified MRO reduces liability and provides for a fair and accurate drug test result.

Review Locations

Review all of your company locations to determine the nearest collection sites.

DOT Compliance

DOT regulated companies need expertise in setting up Drug Testing Programs. Programs available for FMCSA, FAA, USCG, PHMSA, FTA and FRA. Including 24/7 coverage for post-accident.

Provide Forms

Provide you with Chain of Custody forms and testing instructions.

Research Sites

Research and establish 3rd party collection sites where an existing site does not exist.

Post Results

Post results to a secure password-protected website for easy retrieval as results are completed.

Supply Waivers

Supply you with a Consent Waiver form that stipulates the candidate’s voluntary participation, their understanding of your drug screening policy, and permission for us to release the results to you.

Mail Labs

Mail a medical lab report to a designated individual within your company.

Confirm Results

Automatically have your initial positive results confirmed by GC/MS at no additional cost.

Employer Programs

Drug and alcohol testing programs for large and small employers including 24/7 coverage for post-accident.

Background Checks

With our comprehensive network of researchers, online applications, and system-to-system interfaces, you will have a screening services company that’s easy to work with, thorough and fast.

Coming Soon

DNA Testing

Provide accurate testing and reliable results using a painless saliva sample. We offer several different options for DNA testing.

Health Screenings

Run medical tests that check for diseases before there are any symptoms. Our screenings can help doctors find diseases early, when the diseases may be easier to treat.

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