5 Qualities Of The Perfect Employee


It’s hiring season at your business. You are looking for the perfect employee, which is way easier said than done (some hiring processes take months, after all). Not only does this employee have to, of course, pass a drug test, but said employee also has to have all-star qualities.

In the spirit of that thinking, we have gathered five qualities of the perfect employee. This employee will certainly have other qualities as well, but these five are crucial when it comes to the makeup of a perfect employee.

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5 Qualities Of The Perfect Employee

  • Driven
  • Smart
  • Passionate
  • Has A Voice
  • Reliable


The perfect employee is a driven employee. This person makes a schedule and then knocks out everything on the list. This person stops at nothing to get his/her work done (okay, so this person might take a coffee break or two, but everyone needs a break from time to time).

On top of being driven, this person is also likely a hard worker and takes initiative. Yes, we just threw three qualities into one, but they kind of all go together — wouldn’t you say?


The perfect employee is not only smart, but continues to seek knowledge on a daily basis. This person knows a ton about the field he/she is working in. As a result, you can also consider this person a go-to person.

Being a problem solver might also come into play with this type of employee. Nonetheless, they are very knowledgeable.


You could be the smartest person in the world, but if you are not passionate about your work, it is likely going to show. That’s why the perfect employee is not only a passionate individual, but is also very passionate about his/her work.Employee

This person loves coming into the office every day, and makes a difference as a result. This person gives his/her work everything he/she has, and it shows every single time.

Has A Voice

What do we mean by has a voice? Well, we simply mean this person has an opinion and isn’t afraid to voice said opinion. Now, that does not mean this person interrupts every business meeting or tries to fuel a fire.

Instead, it means this person is not afraid to give his/her honest opinion during a business meeting if said honest opinion is going to benefit the company/discussion.

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If an employee is truly the perfect one, then you can count on him/her. Not only can you count on this person doing a great job (you know, knocking a project out of the park), but you can count on this employee taking on an extra assignment when something is time-consuming or simply needs to be done well.

In every sense of the word, the perfect employee is reliable.

There are, of course, many qualities that we are leaving off the table, such as positive, ethical, organized and things of that nature, but the perfect employee has to have the five qualities above if said employee is going to be deemed perfect.

Find this employee, and then hire him/her.

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