The Most Important Quality Of Any Drug Screening Program At The Workplace

Drug Screening Program

What is the most important quality of any given drug screening program at the workplace?

For employers, it is likely accuracy. After all, they want to know who is taking drugs, what they are taking and if the test is accurate. From there, they make their final decision on if they should hire any given employee or not. The decision should be rather easy. If an employee is taking drugs, said employee does not get the job, even if this same employee seemed like the perfect candidate in every other area.

While accuracy is very important for the employer and the employee (after all, an employee doesn’t want to fail a drug test when he/she isn’t actually on drugs), transparency is the most important quality of any drug screening test.

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Before an employee takes a drug test, whether that be a random drug test or a pre-employment drug screening, he/she should know the policy. Every employee should know the ins and outs of the drug screening test. In other words, there should be no surprises, no grey areas, etc. If an employee fails a test, he/she should know the consequences.Drugs

When it comes to the workplace, trust issues with the employer and employee shouldn’t even be an issue, and a business can implement that by making sure everything is clearly stated and everyone is on the same page.

If an employee fails a random drug test and is fired on the spot (assuming said employee is, in fact, taking drugs, of course), he/she should not be surprised when he/she is fired — well, if that is the policy of failing a drug test, that is.

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The bottom line: Everyone should be on the same page when it comes to what is at stake when an employee takes a drug test, and that’s where transparency comes into play. There should be no surprises — well, other than a random test, that is, but employees should know random testing is possible.

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