Importance Of Pre-Employment Drug Screening


Pre-employment drug screening is still a very valuable tool when it comes to the hiring process for companies, and the importance of said pre-employment drug screening doesn’t go unnoticed.

Whether a company requires a urine drug screen, saliva drug screen or whatever it may be, partaking in this process is beneficial for a number of different reasons. First and foremost, following along with a drug screening test helps an employer find the right person for the job. It can make or break the hiring process for an individual altogether, after all.

Making up a drug-free environment at the workplace can lead to many different benefits, such as a safer environment for everyone involved (not just the users), high-quality work (and possibly less mistakes) and credibility for any given company in general (because outsiders likely wouldn’t want to invest in a company that has failed drug test after failed drug test on file, or in companies in which drug use was a problem).

Incorporating drug screening into the hiring process can save a lot of time, and helps to tell future employees that drugs on the job (or in general) are not acceptable.

Drug screen tests protect the employer and employees, and it helps make up a drug-free environment that is free of drug abusers.

Whether a company is running a 5-panel drug screen or a 10-panel drug screen, the benefits of pre-employment drug screening are never-ending.

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