5 Benefits Of Employers Doing Urine Testing


In hopes of finding the best candidate for the job, pre-employment drug screening is commonly brought into the mix, and a urine drug screen is a common way for the employer to find the information that is needed. While urine testing does have its pros and cons, here are five benefits of employers tackling this type of pre-employment drug testing.

It’s More Private Than Saliva Testing

While urine testing might be easier to cheat since it is done in a private area, there is value to this method. The employee can feel safe because the drug screening test is, of course, done in a private matter.

Considered ‘The Standard For Drug Screening’

Healthtestingcenters.com points out that these types of tests “have long been the standard for drug screening.”

It works, the kinks, for the most part, have been worked out, and it is the method that many employers tend to go with.


If urine drug screening wasn’t reliable — which it is — then employers would have dropped this type of pre-employment drug screening a long time ago. That is not the case, though.

Longer Detection Gap

Although saliva testing has its pros, it also comes with some baggage. For instance, saliva screening doesn’t have as long as a detection window as urine testing.

Exactly What Was Stated In The Opening Sentence: Helps To Find Best Candidate For The Job

Not every single employer requires employees to go through a pre-employment drug screening process, but like what was stated in the opening sentence of this article, it can help find the best candidate for the job — which is the most important part of the entire hiring process in the first place.

To those employers who don’t practice a drug screen, or perhaps don’t partake in urine testing, the five benefits above could persuade you to do otherwise.

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