The Downfalls Of Drug Screening

Drug Screening

Incorporating some from of drug testing at work is very beneficial for the employer, employees and really everyone involved. That said, there are some downfalls of drug screening.

In the grand scheme of things, drug screening is a way to keep drugs out of the workplace, and to keep everyone safe in the process, but just like everything else in life, drug screens come with a bag of cons as well.

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The Downfalls Of Drug Screening

  • The Privacy Factor
  • The Price Factor
  • The Trust Factor

Secure Screen logo website retinaThe Privacy Factor

When it comes to drug screening on the job, whether it is being incorporated during the pre-employment process or randomly along the way, privacy certainly takes a hit. After all, what someone does on their own time is their business.

Therefore, the logic behind this one can be summed up to this: If an employee isn’t doing drugs on the job, then it is their business, and their business only.

The Price Factor

Drug screening certainly comes with a cost. That alone could scare businesses into not implementing drug testing at the workplace. However, when it comes to liability and safety, the price is well worth the cost — wouldn’t you say?

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The Trust Factor

This kind of goes along the same lines as the privacy issue, but an employer should trust its employees, especially when it comes to doing drugs (in any form) on the job. That said, trust can go out the window if an employer does bring drug screening into the mix.

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