The Benefits Of Drug Screening Programs From The Employee’s Perspective


There are plenty of benefits of drug screening programs from the employer’s perspective. However, can the same thing be said from the employee’s perspective?

You see, employers incorporate drug testing so they can find the right people for the job. Drug screens also make it so liability issues don’t come raining down if a drug-related accident happens at the workplace. Not to mention, employers want productive employees, and eliminating drugs helps achieve that goal.

Believe it or not, there are plenty of benefits for employees as well.

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The Benefits Of Drug Screening Programs From The Employee’s Perspective

  • Work In A Safe Environment
  • It’s Uncomfortable Working With People On Drugs
  • Keeps Employees Honest

Work In A Safe Environment

Drug tests are great for the employee because everyone wants to work in a safe environment. If drugs are involved, then that can’t 100 percent be the case, especially if heavy machinery is involved. Wanting a safe work environment should go without saying, and drug screening programs make that possible.

It’s Uncomfortable Working With People On DrugsUrine Testing

There are many reasons why it is uncomfortable to work with people on drugs. For one, you might not want to get someone fired for being on drugs, but know that might be the case if you tell someone — and you should tell someone.

Also, if someone is on drugs, then they are not in their normal state of mind, and a fellow employee shouldn’t have to deal with that.

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Keeps Employees Honest

Drug screening programs keep employees honest with themselves, their company and fellow employees. When someone takes a drug test during the pre-employment process, they should go into this test knowing they are going to pass. If a random drug test comes falling down on this person when he/she has already had the job for a good period of time, this person (and the company) should know they are going to pass.

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