Drug testing is a necessity. Drug testing centers cater to public and private sectors; including government and non-government entities. The reputation of a business is only as reputable as its employees. Before potential employees are placed in sensitive and confidential positions at work, they are often asked, and required to submit to immediate drug testing. We offer “worry free” urine and hair drug testing for small, medium and large corporations, throughout the United States. Our drug free workplace testing solutions are in compliance with both Federal and State laws. We have drug testing centers available through the State of North Dakota.

Some drugs are not detected in the bloodstream. However, with an Omega 5 panel expanded opiates hair test, employers and probation offices’ can detect both prescription, non- prescription and street drugs, up to 3 months after use. Drugs like oxycodone, morphine, cocaine, opiates, marijuana, amphetamines, codeine, methamphetamine, and PCP, are easy to detect when companies use any of our national drug testing centers.

We understand the importance of drug testing, that is why we offer EtG alcohol testing, a court order probation drug test, and DOT consortium drug testing. With MRO testing services, companies can have their employee’s drug results confirmed by a medical review officer. An MRO can provide businesses with accurate testing for job and court related cases. The iCup offers the most reliable instant form of testing for drugs. Testing is done in on-site and negative results are usually available within minutes. Immediate drug testing is available, when results are needed right away.

It is a crime in North Dakota to attempt to cheat on a drug test.  Currently as of 2014, North Dakota does not have medical marijuana or recreational marijuana laws.  Attempts at medical marijuana legislation have failed.

North Dakota does not have a drug testing statute but in order to move to deny workers’ compensation benefits an employer must be conducting drug and/or alcohol testing in accordance with certain requirements established by the state. These include, in some circumstances, compliance with some aspects of the U.S. DOT drug and alcohol testing regulations.  SAMHSA regulations should be followed for workplace drug testing in North Dakota.  Any injury caused by the use of intoxicants or the illegal use of controlled substances in not a compensable injury in North Dakota.

In most DOT accident cases that occur on the job the driver must submit to a drug and alcohol test. Drug and alcohol testing centers can prove or disprove a claim of alcohol and or drug use, following an accident. A drug free workplace is a safe workplace, and to keep it that way, employers often perform a random drug and alcohol testing of all their employees.

Random drug testing reduces the use of drugs and alcohol in the workplace. Successful companies invest in the health, well-being and safety of their employees, and investors. One serious mistake can ruin the reputation of even the most powerful businesses forever. Companies can lose millions of dollars, and their credibility in the community. Drug use is illegal, and illegal drug use has no place in the workplace.

We use state of the art drug testing software and equipment to get the most accurate results. Our software includes web reporting, and paperless drug tests. This type of advanced drug testing technology, allow companies to get their test results quicker. We provide testing on hair, urine, and saliva. Many of these tests are needed to prove potential drug use. Regardless of why the testing is needed, we offer testing at any of our national drug screening centers throughout the United States.

All it takes to set up a drug test is one simple telephone call. Individuals, companies, and non-profit organizations can schedule an appointment for themselves or for their employees. Convenient locations are located within every business community and throughout North Dakota. When a test is needed for a job, or when the judge orders a DNA paternity test, there is no reason to look for a testing center. One is always nearby, and ready to provide drug, and DNA paternity testing right away.

Drug test, hair drug test, EtG alcohol test, DOT consortium drug testing and Drug Free Workplace Program – Drug Testing and Alcohol Testing in North Dakota


Testing locations in North-Dakota

Coal Country Community Health Centers Beulah

1312 Highway 49 N

Beulah , North Dakota 58523

Badlands Integrity Group Bismarck

1035 East Interstate Ave

Bismarck , North Dakota 58501

Center for Family Medicine Bismarck

515 E Broadway Ave

Bismarck , North Dakota 58501

MedCenter One Career Care Bismarck

222 N 7th St

Bismarck , North Dakota 58501



BISMARCK , North Dakota 58501

Work Life Occupational Medicine Bismarck

401 N 9th St

Bismarck , North Dakota 58501

A.D.A.P.T, INC Bismark

515 East Main Street

Bismark , North Dakota 58501

Work Life -Mid Dakota Clinic Bismark

401 N 9th St

Bismark , North Dakota 58501

A.D.A.P.T, INC Devils Lake Devils Lake

400 12th Avenue NE

Devils Lake , North Dakota 58301

Badlands Integrity Group DICKINSON

366 21ST ST E

DICKINSON , North Dakota 58601

Medcenter One Health Systems Dickinson

938 2nd Ave W

Dickinson , North Dakota 58601



DICKINSON , North Dakota 58601

WorkPartners of North Dakota DICKINSON

653 19TH ST W

DICKINSON , North Dakota 58601

Preble Medical Services, Inc Dickison

30 1st Ave East

Dickison , North Dakota 58601

A.D.A.P.T, INC Dickson-T-Rex Plaxa Dickson

1173 3rd Ave. W#2

Dickson , North Dakota 58601

Avera Clinic of Ellendale Ellendale

240 Main St

Ellendale , North Dakota 58436

7 Day Clinic FARGO

4622 40TH AVE S

FARGO , North Dakota 58104

A.D.A.P.T-Fargo -Agassiz Square Fargo

112 Nodak Drive Ste #115

Fargo , North Dakota 58103

Any Lab Test Now Fargo

3019 13th Ave S

Fargo , North Dakota 58103

Global Network, Inc Fargo

1100 19th Ave N Ste R1

Fargo , North Dakota 58102

Innovis Health Fargo

3000 32nd Ave S

Fargo , North Dakota 58103

MeritCare Occupational Health Services Fargo

3838 12th Ave N

Fargo , North Dakota 58102

Preble Medical Services Inc Fargo

3002 1st Ave NW

Fargo , North Dakota 58102

Sanford Clinic North-Fargo Fargo

3838 12th Ave N

Fargo , North Dakota 58102

Schmidt & Associates Inc. Fargo

3101 39th St S Ste C

Fargo , North Dakota 58104

Syvrud Chiropractic Clinic Fargo

825 25th St S.

Fargo , North Dakota 58103

A.D.A.P.T, INC Grand Forks Grand Forks

212 S 4th Street #109

Grand Forks , North Dakota 58201

Altru Health System Grand Forks

1300 S Columbia Rd

Grand Forks , North Dakota 58201

Aurora Medical Park Laboratory, LLC GRAND FORKS

1451 44TH AVE S

GRAND FORKS , North Dakota 58201

Global Safety Network Inc. GRAND FORKS

3590 S 42ND ST

GRAND FORKS , North Dakota 58201

Plains Chiropractic & Acupuncture PC Grand Forks

3750 32nd Ave S Ste 103

Grand Forks , North Dakota 58201

La Duke Family Chiropractic PC Jamestown

920 10th St SE

Jamestown , North Dakota 58401

CCMH Clinic Langdon LANGDON

909 2ND ST

LANGDON , North Dakota 58249

Preble Medical Services Inc Mandan

101 Collins Ave

Mandan , North Dakota 58554

A.D.A.P.T, INC Minot Minot

600 22nd Ave NW #B-2

Minot , North Dakota 58703

DISA Global Solution, Inc MINOT

1200 31ST AVE SW

MINOT , North Dakota 58701

Northern Testing Minot

3108 S. Broadway

Minot , North Dakota 58701

Preble Medical Sevices Minot

900 N. Broadway

Minot , North Dakota 58703



MINOT , North Dakota 58701



MINOT , North Dakota 75156

Trinity Medical Group-HC Medical Arts Minot

400 Burdick Expwy

Minot , North Dakota 58701

Heart of America Medical Center Rugby

800 Main Ave S

Rugby , North Dakota 58368

Mercy Hospital Valley City

570 Chautauqua Blvd

Valley City , North Dakota 58072

A.D.A.P.T, INC Williston Williston

1510 2nd Ave W #204

Williston , North Dakota 58801

Altitude Analysis-Williston WILLISTON


WILLISTON , North Dakota 58801

Clear Check Workplace Screening Williston;;

401 2nd Street West

Williston , North Dakota 58801

Craven Hagen Clinic-Occupational Healt Williston

1213 15th Ave W

Williston , North Dakota 58801

Mercy Medical Center Williston

1301 15th Ave W

Williston , North Dakota 58801

Preble Medical Services WILLISTON

5009 139TH AVE NW

WILLISTON , North Dakota 58801